Keeping parking environments convenient, safe, and secure is important.
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Whether you own private or commercial property your safety and security is a top priority. Everybody deserves to live and work in a clean and safe community. Parking facilities are often a reflection of residential or commercial properties. Having a lot filled with unwanted, abandoned or illegally parked vehicles sends the wrong message to prospective residents and clients and reflects poorly on your company’s image. Additionally, these vehicles create a public nuisance that can escalate into a safety hazard.

STAR offers sophisticated car tracking technology to eliminate unwanted vehicles or visitors from your property. Serving North Texas, our team of parking management professionals is committed to ensuring that your customers, residents and registered visitors have exclusive access to the most convenient parking. STAR has the tools, equipment and experience to resolve parking issues and to meet your unique parking needs.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology to eliminate parking problems without creating conflict resulting in happier customers and residents. STAR is a smart choice for apartment and condominium communities, shopping centers, event venues, private businesses and even residential neighborhoods. You can count on the professionals at STAR Parking Solutions keep your parking facilities safe and looking their best all year long.

About Us

Safe and effective parking solutions in North Texas

With over 25 years of combined parking and towing experience Star Parking Solutions is the premier choice for all your parking management needs. STAR provides advanced car tracking and tagging technology to keep your property well-maintained all year long. You’ll never need to worry over suspicious vehicles or vehicles that simply don’t belong on your property. STAR keeps parking areas in order and effectively manages them with our state of the art technology. With this technology we ensure that you will always have the best places to park. Here’s how we do it:

  • Car tracking technology monitors all cars that enter your property
  • Scheduled on property patrolling
  • Private and commercial property towing services
  • Courtesy tagging for specified violations
  • Sophisticated parking management services
  • 24 Hour on call service, for quick response


Whether you own or operate an apartment complex, shopping center, or private residential community, STAR has the solution for all your parking related issues. Our service professionals are highly trained and come alongside your staff to help implement your unique program for maximum compliance. Our friendly staff provides the best, most efficient service in North Texas. Turn to the team at Star Parking Solutions today where keeping your parking facilities clean and free of unwanted vehicles is our top priority.

Our service professionals are highly trained to keep properties and their occupants in compliance. The best part is we are better, kinder, and more efficient. Keeping your parking facilities clean and free of unwanted vehicles is a wise investment. Turn to the team at Star Parking Solutions today.



We service residential and commercial properties

North Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. With such rapid growth in commercial, residential and private development comes an increase in parking related issues. Overcrowded parking lots can make life miserable for your residents, clients and customers. The professionals at STAR Parking Solutions can help eliminate your parking issues with a wide array of comprehensive residential and commercial parking management services including:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Permit programs
  • Tagging
  • Towing
  • Customizable plans
  • Omadi mobile management program
  • Photographic evidence of violations

Our parking enforcement services are designed to effectively eliminate unwanted vehicles from your property. Our sophisticated system monitors common parking issues such as time and length of stay violations. The result: safe and clean parking facilities that make life easier for your residents and keep your neighborhood free of unwanted crime.

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